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What’s Your Motivation for Doing It?

In this episode of the Impostor Syndrome Files, we discuss the ways in which education can both help us build our confidence as well as become a trap. Our guest shares her personal experience of returning to school and how her motivation for doing so helped her to strengthen her confidence.

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About Our Guest

Maeve O’Byrne is an entrepreneur, coach, mentor coach and facilitator. She is passionate about helping women through change, both in their personal life and in their careers. She is particularly interested in how we adapt to the gift of time that our parents didn’t have, and determined to alter the perception of ageism and change the conversation of age from negative to positive.

Born in the UK to Irish parents Maeve is one of six siblings brought up between Wales and the Middle East. She became independent at 10, and never, except for vacations, again lived with her family, moving from Boarding School in Wales to Switzerland, and then Ireland.

She worked in the non-profit sector, initially in Dublin, Ireland and then in Canada, settling on Vancouver Island where she was the President & CEO of the Hospital Foundation. Since 2016 she has forged a new career as a coach, consultant and speaker – promoting her unique thoughts and ideas further in the greater world.

She has spoken on Non-profit management; Succession Planning; Unconscious & Implicit Bias, Learnings from working within Indigenous Agencies; The Third Act, Retirement or Transition and in the Fall she will co-present at the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) ‘Converge’ Conference in Prague ‘Developing Resilient Coaching programs for Social Change’. Her new presentation – Selfish Vs Selfless – why being selfish can make you a better person, challenges the common perception that being selfish does not always have to be a negative trait.

A Reiki Master, Maeve has a Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, is a Certified Executive Coach, and a PCC accredited coach through the ICF. She is also a certified mentor coach through L-Con Global, received her level 101 & 202 Transactional Analysis certificates, and is a LEADS 360 debrief and performance planning coach through the Canadian Council of Health Leaders. She also studied Fashion Design at Vancouver Community College.

“When I don’t listen to my inner voice, I get in trouble! My mind is constantly going and I like to challenge perceptions and assumptions about life and people. I want to understand the journey and stories that brought them to where they are today and persuade them to think more deeply and creatively about what they do and think”.

When not working, Maeve plays with fiber, loves long walks, goes to yoga classes, and visits her sons, and various siblings around the world.


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