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Leadership Coach Consultant Speaker Kim Meninger Dedham Massachusetts

Leadership Coach, Consultant & Speaker

Helping professionals and organizations reach new heights by making it easier to be human at work.

Professional Certified Coach
American confidence institute certified confidence coach
x = independently organized TED event
Board Certified Coach (BCC)
Certified Coach

You want to feel more confident at work, advance in your career, and empower your employees to do the same. 

But instead, you are finding yourself  . . .

  • staying quiet for fear that someone will out you as a fraud,

  • replaying conversations over and over, wondering if you said the right thing,

  • fearing mistakes or imperfections in your work, and

  • finding it difficult to take credit for your accomplishments.

You aren’t alone.

What you are experiencing—or what you are noticing in members of your team—is called impostor syndrome. And left unchecked, it can keep you from reaching your full potential.  

Imposter Syndrome Leadership Caree -Coach Boston Massachusetts
Kim Meninger Certified Career Coach Near Me
Imagine what it would feel like to show up as your best self at work, knowing that your unique perspective and talents are seen and valued.

Now imagine your whole company showing up that way.

I’m Kim Meninger, certified coach, TEDx speaker, and fellow “impostor in recovery."

Impostor syndrome has been my unwelcome companion for as long as I can remember. Thankfully, my background in psychology and innate understanding of human dynamics gave me the language and tools to name and address these challenges and develop the confidence I needed to thrive. Since 2010, I've made it my mission to help equity-driven organizations and committed professionals do the same.

Proud to support organizations that are committed to creating inclusive, safe workplaces.
Employee Growth Programs
National Grid Employee Speaker

Through individual coaching, group coaching, and speaking, I help people manage impostor syndrome and develop strategies to support greater . . .


Believe you belong in every room you enter – virtually and in-person.


Get recognized for all of your great, often invisible, work.


Connect, expand your impact, and be heard.

Career Coach Massachusetts

Need a coach to guide your career journey?

Manage your self-doubt, build strategic relationships, and reach your full potential.

Want to build a stronger team?

Create an inclusive, human-centered workplace where employees feel safe and motivated to give you their best.

Looking for a dynamic speaker?

Invite your audience to rethink workplace challenges, gaining practical takeaways from real-life scenarios.

The Impostor Syndrome Files Podcast

There is nothing so compelling as a personal success story, especially from someone you can relate to. The Impostor Syndrome Files is about telling stories that inspire us, teach us, and help us feel less alone. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, or wherever you get your podcasts. 


“You helped me believe in myself again, through listening, validating, and offering suggestions at strategic times. It helped that I felt you understood me and saw me for who I am. I never once felt judged by you or that you had made any assumptions beyond what you knew/felt to be true. Because of your support and influence, I knew when my time at my previous company came to an end and I made the choice to leave. I didn't fit with the culture and through our work, you helped me understand a key distinction: Succeeding in navigating their politics wasn't actually what I wanted;  I didn't fit in because I value kindness, candor, and collaboration over personal wins which didn't fit in there. You helped me see that it didn't mean I was beneath them, it just meant I belonged somewhere with the same values as me and I found it. You helped me bridge a piece of myself that I was seeing as a gap within, but in reality it was external.” 

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