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You want to advance your career, feel more confident
at work, and quit getting in your own way.
I’m on a mission to help you do it.


As a leadership coach and speaker, I help professionals overcome impostor syndrome and organizations build safe, inclusive cultures so that everyone can achieve more.

I know firsthand the impact self-doubt can have on your career and your company. That fear and uncertainty can silence the smartest people and squash the most innovative ideas.


Impostor syndrome kept me from pursuing graduate studies in psychology. It kept me quiet in the corner during too many meetings throughout my ten years in the corporate world.  And it nearly caused me to go back to school for a software engineering degree that I certainly didn't want or need.


You see, despite my successes and rapid advancement in my career at high-tech leader EMC, I’d find myself in conversations with engineers thinking,


"I am one wrong move away from everyone discovering I'm a total fraud who doesn't belong here."

Kim Meninger Imposter Syndrome Executive Coach
Kim Meninger Imposter Syndrome Executive Coach

Thankfully, a mentor gave me a piece of advice that shifted my perspective and changed my life:

“Engineering degree? Kim, you are surrounded by engineers. You don’t need to know everything, you just need to know what you don’t know and build relationships with people who have those skills.”

It was at that moment I realized that instead of worrying I wasn't enough, I should ask myself one crucial question: "Why am I in this room?"

I had spent so much time focusing on what I didn't know and how I didn't measure up that I'd completely lost sight of the role I was there to play. This mindset shift and my psychology background allowed me to recognize my purpose, understand my value, and manage self-doubt when it surfaced.

My own experience of impostor syndrome has fueled my commitment to helping others to overcome self-doubt and confidently advance their careers. It’s also driven my quest to give organizations the tools to establish psychological safety that leads to employee satisfaction and business growth.

In my over a decade as a leadership coach and speaker, I have empowered hundreds of professionals to overcome impostor syndrome and build the confidence, visibility, and influence they need to achieve their goals.

If you or your team are ready to build greater understanding and actionable strategies to make it easier to be human at work, I'd love to help.

Kim Meninger Leadership Coach
Proud to serve on the leadership teams of these equity-driven communities.
women in technology institute
women accelerators
the council for women of boston college
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