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Leadership Coaching


Helping you overcome impostor syndrome and own your career success

Have you ever found yourself lying awake at night replaying an encounter with a colleague over and over again in your head, assuming you did something wrong?

When you free up all of the mental energy you were spending on self-doubt, you can be bolder, take more risks, and have more fun.

Women Executive Career Coaching

What could you accomplish if you could stop wasting endless energy on self-doubt?

Whether you are early in your career or further in your journey, our coaching engagement is about taking you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Individual Career Coaching Massachusetts
6 Months of Coaching
Kim Meninger Imposter Syndrome Executive Coach
Life-Changing Discoveries

This isn't a cure; it's a flexible, actionable system designed to empower you to thrive and advance.

Get ready to grow in . . .


“Why am I in this room?”


Look inside and solidify your belief that you deserve to be where you are.

  • Manage impostor syndrome.

  • Find strategies to cope with self-doubt.

  • Replace the paralyzing fear of being found out with trust in your value.

Executive Male Leadership Coaching

“How can I more fully share my true gifts?”


Grow your inner boldness, contributing in ways people can't help but notice.

  • Learn the skills of authentic self-promotion.

  • Make your invisible contributions visible. 

  • Find new fulfillment in your work.

Professional Young Woman coaching

“Why do people do what they do?”


Engage with intention and quit internalizing the actions of those around you.

  • Navigate challenging interpersonal dynamics. 

  • Expand your influence by cultivating strategic relationships.

  • Serve as an authentic ally, helping to build an inclusive company culture. 

Business confidence coaching
Get support to handle the struggles of today while building a transferable toolkit to use for life.
Are you ready to let go of fear and reach your full potential?

Senior Director, Life Sciences

“I think you knew before I did that my job would not provide the opportunities for growth that I craved, and that the situation was inherently unsustainable. Through our dialogues you helped me articulate my values and my value. When I was laid off a couple of months after our sessions had ended, I was not at all panicked and translated the output of our sessions into a powerful brand and persona. My job hunt was remarkably fun and quite easy, as I felt I was playing as big as I wanted, and finally expressing myself honestly upfront. This precipitated two generous and competitive job offers, both of which came with a promotion and >20% raise. This would not have happened had I not had your coaching.”
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