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How Your Environment Impacts Your Confidence

The Impostor Syndrome Files - Ep. 14 - How Your Environment Impacts Your Confidence

In this episode of the Impostor Syndrome Files, we discuss the power of finding the right work environment for your needs. Our guest, Lori Kahn, shares how her transition to another part of her company strengthened her confidence and allowed her to better realize her value.

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About Our Guest

Lori Kahn is a Sr. Staff Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin Space where she has supported a variety of advanced technical programs for 20+ years. She has a BA from Smith College in Physics/Astronomy, an MSc from Arizona State University in Physics and a certificate from Stanford University in Spacecraft Design and Operation Proficiency.

Lori is passionate about supporting women succeed in engineering and their inclusion at work. Engaged with her company’s Women’s Impact Network (WIN), she founded a Lean In Circle in 2013 and later led Space WIN improving shared knowledge and resources amongst the sites. Lori now serves as Corporate WIN co-chair overseeing all business area WIN leads improving communication and collaboration.

Lori is also a mentor in various STEM organizations including FIRST Robotics, Society of Women Engineers, TechWomen and Technovation. Lori also enjoys traveling, exercising and spending time with her husband and two sons (12 and 16).


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