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Slow Down and Engage Your Rational Mind

In this episode of the Impostor Syndrome Files, we look at the ways in which our brains get hijacked and how to regain control. My guest, Diana Galer, shares her confidence model, with a powerful connection between self-worth and confidence. She also offers tips on how to slow down and engage our rational minds to manage self-doubt.

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About Our Guest

As an executive coach, Diana works with high potential individuals who are hoping to or struggling to move to the next level. Diana is passionate about helping leaders and teams succeed, and skilled in identifying the barriers to success whether these are cultural, structural or self-imposed.

Diana holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and describes herself as a recovering scientist, having spent nearly 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry. Diana is now applying her scientific training to the analysis and improvement of human interactions. Diana has achieved certification by the International Coaching Federation at the Professional Certified Coach level, has been certified in Conversational Intelligence®, and is a Master Practitioner in the Energy Leadership Index assessment. Diana volunteers with the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, where she created and led the Circle of Advisors, a peer-mentoring program for executive women for the last seven years. Diana is currently the President of the Maplewood Chamber of Commerce.

A native of Argentina, Diana loves to travel internationally, see Broadway plays and spend time with her husband, Don, and children, Erin and Dan. In the summer, she is frequently found on the golf course where her goal is to take another 5 strokes off her handicap.


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