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The Powerful Forces of Silence and Bravery

The Impostor Syndrome Files - Ep. 15 - The Powerful Forces of Silence and Bravery

In this episode, we start with a look at the power of silence – something many of us fear. We also explore the importance of bravery and how it affects our confidence. Our guest, Nicole Trick Steinbach shares her personal journey, as well as the ways in which she helps others through the power of silence and bravery.

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About Our Guest

Nicole Trick Steinbach is a global career coach and change management consultant. She is known for inspiring change through deep connections, brave insights, and radical responsibility. She’s worked in over 25 countries and lived in Europe for over 13 years before the mountains of Colorado called her name.

Nicole’s coaching includes building the skill of bravery so that her clients create the careers of their biggest dreams. Her clients have lived in over 30 countries and have accomplished goals are varied as accepting executive positions, doubling their income, breaking six figures before 30, relocating globally, and the power to step into dreams that were hidden for so many years.


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