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What Did You Mean by That?

In this episode of the Impostor Syndrome Files, we look at the ways in which our interpretations of others and their intentions undermines our self-worth. Our guest, Cece Heart, shares her powerful strategy, which she describes as playful learning, for clarifying others’ intentions and avoiding assumptions that lead to self-doubt.

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About Our Guest

Cece is an Inspiration Activator AKA Sorceress! She conjures up a wide range of modalities to lift spirits and activate your body, mind and spirit including delicious plant-based, organic food (magic) (let food be thy medicine!). She shares her personal experience through raw, unfiltered stories as a writer (wild storyteller) and writes about everything in her life, from travel to inspirational self-help blogs. She’s an energetic intuitive and has a passion for the health and wellness realm and pulls from effective strategies to fill your life with love and inner bliss! She also is part of a very dynamic environmental tech company that’s motivating users to save the planet as a Wellness Adviser and Partnerships Coordinator AKA Community Catalyzer!

Links: FB: IG: @plantpoweredgypsy (inspo) or @inspirationsorceress (health/wellness/recipes etc) Twitter: @lovesorceress Website:


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