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Who Am I to…?

The Impostor Syndrome Files - Ep. 12 - Who Am I to...?

In this episode of the Impostor Syndrome Files, we get real about self-doubt and the ways in which it undermines our value and causes us to second guess our legitimacy. Our guest, Courtney Pare, shares her personal story and reveals how leaning into vulnerability has empowered her to support others while also building her own confidence.

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About Our Guest

Dr. Courtney Paré is a licensed naturopathic doctor and holistic anxiety & relationship coach. She helps clients live in alignment with their authentic selves by creating a shift in their relationship with fear, doubt and shame.

After 10 years specializing in mental health and trauma work, Courtney’s passion is to support women in shedding old stories and habits that don’t serve their highest calling.

Through one to one coaching, group sessions, and speaking engagements, Courtney coaches clients to embrace their innate strengths, gifts and value. She equips women with the tools and support necessary to speak up from a place of wholeheartedness in all relationships and create a life, and career, they most deeply desire and deserve.

You can learn more about Courtney and her work at, follow her on Instagram @dr_courtney_pare or email her at


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