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If I Really Loved Myself, I Would…

If I Really Loved Myself, I Would...

In this episode of the Impostor Syndrome Files, we talk about the mind-body connection and how unresolved trauma can manifest in powerful physical and emotional ways. My guest, Debbie Emick, shares how her health journey enabled her to take her power back. She also offers us ways to overcome our perfectionism and people-pleasing tendencies.

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About My Guest

Debbie Emick is the author of The Other Side of Perfect: Discovering the Mind-Body Connection to Healing Chronic Illness and co-creator and blogger at She is co-host of the One Life. Live It! podcast. She lives on the planes of southeastern Colorado with her husband, two daughters, Denali the dog, and her six chickens. When she’s not traveling to the mountains, the beach, or Spanish-speaking countries, you’ll find her there, in her sunroom or on her back porch sipping hot tea.

She is a survivor of multiple chronic illnesses/autoimmune diseases that took the long road to learn her path to healing was through accessing the mind-body connection to disease and health. Through addressing and releasing repressed emotions and past trauma, she’s able to experience a life of greater health, ease, and fulfillment by living out her authentic purpose.


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