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The Link Between Impostor Syndrome and Burnout

The Link Between Impostor Syndrome and Burnout

In this episode of the Impostor Syndrome Files, we explore the relationship between Impostor Syndrome and burnout. My guest, Nikole Stanfield, shares how her experience with burnout led her to shift from reactive to reflective. We also discuss how she came to the realization that her value comes from who she is, not what she does.

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About Our Guest

Since 2014 Nikole has been an online copywriter with her own business, and she has worked to improve herself through personal development. After experiencing burnout last summer she now coaches successful business owners who are so busy they don’t have time for an unscheduled cup of coffee to create a work-life balance they love. This helps them actually enjoy time with their loved ones, do fun things on the weekends, take a vacation, and take downtime without feeling guilty. You can learn more about her at


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