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What Does Your Face Say about Impostor Syndrome?

What Does Your Face Say about Impostor Syndrome?

In this episode of the Impostor Syndrome Files, we take a fascinating look at the ancient art of face reading! My guest, Elena Kazakevich, a certified face reading and energy clearing practitioner, shares the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine and how each aligns with different manifestations of Impostor Syndrome. She also offers great tips for how to think about and manage Impostor Syndrome based on the element that best aligns with you.

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About My Guest

Elena Kazakevich is a certified face reading and energy clearing practitioner. Elena believes that each one of us is here to share our unique gifts with the world. There is something wonderful you’re meant to do and only you can do it. Don’t you want to know what it is?

A face reading can help you find it. Through Elena’s own face reading, she learned that her true calling is to help people reach their highest level. She also learned how to use her empathic abilities, which allow her to tune into her clients’ needs on an energetic level. She can help you uncover the challenges you’re meant to transform and gently guide you to living life at your fullest potential.

Elena believes every step of our journey is meaningful. That’s why she’ll tie in her skillset from her Master’s in Social Work and practicing psychotherapy, her MBA and managing teams at a national corporation, and knowledge of Kabbalistic wisdom throughout your work together in a personalized way for you.

Elena has helped her clients get amazing results such as promotions at work, finding new love, ease within relationships, and an overall lightness of spirit. She’d love to do the same for you! You can book a session with her on her website or contact her via email at or Instagram @elenathefacereader


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